SANTIAGO, Chile, Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sorcia Minerals is pleased to announce that it has formed a joint venture with Terra Novo Energy, Triangle Lithium LLC, for the purpose of acquiring and developing specific assets related to the exploration and development of lithium. Triangle through its affiliation with Sorcia, will develop lithium resources utilizing International Battery Metals’ proprietary direct lithium extraction technology. “We couldn’t be more pleased to announce this joint venture between two companies with the type of big project execution experience and access to technology that, we believe, will allow Triangle to begin producing lithium in record time,” stated Ali Rahman, CEO of Triangle Lithium.

Triangle’s initial project is located in the world-class Salar de Antofalla in Argentina on 15,000 hectares of claims acquired by GOMG from Lithium Energi Exploration Inc. Development is to commence immediately. “We are extremely excited to add this opportunity to our growing resource base,” stated Daniel Layton, Group Chairman of Ensorcia.

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