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The Kolla Atacameña Indigenous Community of Antofalla

Triangle Lithium is committed to sustainability in all we do. We believe that sustainability improves the quality of human life through innovative products, protection of the environment, and doing the right thing in our communities. This commitment is central to our Core Values of Collaboration, Integrity, and Transparency. We recognize the importance of health, safety, environmental protection, and human rights in our company’s growth. We embrace the opportunity to develop mutually beneficial relationships with the places we live and work.

Triangle Lithium is dedicated to establishing our operations and developments around the concepts of collaboration, mutual benefit, and shared value. In doing so, this helps us achieve more equitable local, regional, and national development by allowing us to empower local communities in which we do business thrive.

In Catamarca, our project collaborates with the Kolla Atacameña Indigenous Community of Antofalla to achieve sustainable management of cultural and natural sites. To learn more about the Kolla, click here. Triangle Lithium has had the opportunity to help the community of Antofalla grow by building a village canteen and medical clinic to be run and used by the community.

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Triangle Lithium is a values-driven organization and undertakes its projects with an emphasis on care, collaboration, humility, transparency, integrity and sustainability. Our trusted partners are equally as ethical, transparent and committed to operating and growing responsibly and sustainably. Triangle Lithium conducts all of its activities in compliance with local and international laws and regulations.

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