Harry Sargeant III has 30 years of experience in the energy industry. He started his business career with his father, Harry Sargeant Sr., following 11 years of service as a Top Gun pilot in the Marine Corps. What began as a modestly-sized company that managed asphalt vessels evolved into the world’s largest asphalt trading and shipping company under Sargeant’s leadership.

Today, Harry Sargeant III is a leader in the energy industry. He supplied the United States Government with most of its jet fuel needs during the Iraq War, for which his company received a military commendation. He is also the Chairman of the Global Oil Management Group (GOMG) which owns a huge range of vital midstream assets in the oil world.

GOMG’s properties have included, but are not limited to:

  • Panama Oil Terminals, SA (POTSA) is a key United States asset in Panama that services major oil companies and global trading houses with the storage and shipment capacity for three million barrels of petroleum products.
  • The Perth Amboy Trading Group (PATG) is dedicated to revitalizing the USA’s infrastructure by supplying the retail asphalt market with bitumen.

As the head of the Global Oil Management Group, Sargeant’s day-to-day responsibilities involve managing the overall strategy of the group including these and other holdings. He also works to maintain positive business relationships with partners and governments alike.